Nermina Voloder

Nermina Voloder joined the team of Analitika in 2014 and works as Researcher. She received an MA Degree in 2013 within the European Regional Programme “Democracy and Human Rights in Southeast Europe”, a joint degree programme of the University of Sarajevo and the University of Bologna. She graduated from the Faculty of Political Science in Sarajevo, Department of Journalism. From 2007 to 2012, she worked as a journalist for a number of print and online media in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Her research interest include issues of transparency, accountability and good governance in public institutions.

Author's publications

Politics and Standards

The Challenges of Assessing the Impact of Regulations in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Impact assessment consists of gathering and analysing data in order to acquaint the decision-makers with the scope and the causes of the problem a certain public policy is trying to solve, as well as with different options for the drafting of regulations or non-normative solutions, and an analysis... More...
Politics and Standards

Open Public Data as a Policy-making Tool

Open Public Data: Concept and Application Every day, public institutions collect and produce large amounts of data such as financial, geographical and statistical data, data on economic trends, the legal system and public services, company registers, demographic and cadastre data, and many other... More...