Davor Marko

Davor Marko is currently working as a non-resident research fellow at Analitika. Currently, he attends a PhD studies in culture and communication at the Faculty of Political Sciences, University of Belgrade. He holds MA in Democracy and Human Rights, joint-degree awarded by the University of Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina) and Bologna (Italia). He completed his BA studies in journalism at the Faculty of Political Sciences in Belgrade, Serbia. Last nine years he works in Sarajevo as an academic tutor, media researcher/analyst and project coordinator. As collaborator of Mediaplan, Mediacenter, Center for Human Rights, Novi Sad School of Journalism, he conducted a numerous researches on media contents related to the presentation of diversitites. He was the leader of regional project Dialogue of diversities, that was implemented during 2007 and 2008, by Mediaplan, and that was consisted of educational, research and production activities. In academic year 2011/2012, he worked as media consultant for the University in Edinburgh, UK, and he was the research fellow of the Open Society Fund, BiH. He was editor in chief of magazine Novi pogledi [New perspectives], published by the Alumni of Centre for Interdisciplinary Postgraduate Studies, and he collaborated with various magazine / journals from the region, such as Ekonomist, Dani, Status, Oslobođenje, and Puls demokratije. In 2009 he published a book Zar na Zapadu postoji drugi Bog? [Does another God exists on the West?], where he analyzed dominant stereotypes and prejudices on Islam in media of Western Balkans. Also, he is co-editor of a book State or Nation? Challenges for Political Transition of Bosnia and Herzegovina (2011).